Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Before Date?

I have often questioned whether my kids are spoiled. Like when I walk into the playroom and can't see any of the floor because it's too covered in toys. Or when I struggle to close the drawers of their dressers after putting away a new batch of clothes. Or when they demand dessert, or treats, pretty much every day.

We are certainly not made of money. But I do spend a considerable amount of my disposable income on the kids. And we pretty much always have a full fridge and pantry and we probably allow treats a little more often than we should. I am totally guilty of caving in under the pressure of a tantrum, just to 

But you know those days where you feel like nobody heard anything you said? Like you're just talking to hear your own voice? Like the kids seem to think the rules that have been in place since forever are somehow new or not applicable? We've been having a lot of those days lately. Like, all of them. And now that B2's language skills have really exploded, we're finding that he argues just as much as B1 - maybe even more.

I'm not sure if this is completely normal, but after reading this article, I think I feel a little better. I am pretty solid at not catering to my picky kids at mealtimes. I'm pretty good at dealing with tantrums for the most part, and they are still age appropriate for my kids. My boys are both clingy and have some separation anxiety, but they DO let us leave them without too much drama. 

For sure I have more work to do - I need to get better at staying calm, being consistent, and showing that I really do mean it when I set a boundary. But overall, I think my boys are still within their Best Before dates. The real issue is just that they are 2.5 and 4!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Not the kind where you binge first on junk food, then stick your fingers down your throat. I wouldn't do that by choice (but I have been known to do a good binge).

We have been on a massive "stuff" purge bender lately. It started with me getting annoyed at the hoard of outgrown clothes in B2's closet. Dragged it all down, sorted, and started selling it on a facebook buy/sell/swap group. Then I started thinking of other things I could sell. Outgrown shoes, snowsuits, toys that we don't use. Cloth diapers that weren't my favorites now that we use so much fewer. Bigger toys that don't get much play.  Then my hubby got into the game. The old TV we used to use in the bedroom. The gaming system we haven't touched in over a year. Booster seats. The piano. A desk that only collects dust. The yard play equipment that's still do-able but a little small. Now we can't stop ourselves! Almost everything I look at, I'm thinking "Do we really still need this?" 

The problem is in my zeal to de-clutter, it's possible I might accidentally sell something that we could still use. The yard equipment was a tough one. They are still use-able by my boys. But B1 and B2 are bigger and don't use these particular toys much anymore. We are keeping the big slide and swingset, just getting rid of the toddler ones and the little playhouse and I think I'm ok with it. I'd rather have the money. It's a tough call though for sure. I might even cry when they go.

I also struggle with the value. I know roughly what we paid for almost everything I've been getting rid of. I know we used it and got value out of it...and believe me I'm pricing accordingly, but it hurts a little to see your things (and your kids' things) sell for a fraction of what they cost. A tiny fraction, in most cases.

Another problem is while spending time on these groups, listing and managing my items, I keep on accidentally finding new stuff that I want to buy. For like, amazing deals! People are practically GIVING their stuff away! 

Hmmm. Maybe I DO have a bingeing and purging disorder after all.